General License Class

Gen License Class Flyer_Feb 2018

Ham Radio General License – Two-day Class

Black Forest, Colorado

Sat Feb 24 and Sat Mar 3 (8 AM to 5 PM) 2018

Location: Black Forest Fire Station, intersection Burgess Rd. & Teachout Rd.

The General License provides access to regional and worldwide communications on the HF bands via ionospheric skip, greatly expanding operational capabilities!

  • Upgrade from Technician to General Class radio privileges
  • Pass your FCC General Class amateur license exam Mar 10*
  • Live equipment demonstrations and activities
  • Learn to operate on the HF bands, 10 Meters to 160 Meters
  • Gain a deeper understanding of radio electronics and theory
  • Take the next step with antennas, amplifiers, digital modes

Registration fee: $30 ($20 for under 18 years of age)

In addition, students must have the required study guide: General License Course


Second Edition, effective 2015 – 2019, $22.95


Current FCC Technician License required for registration.

First-come registration acceptance until class is full.

To register for the class, contact: Bob Witte KØNR

Email:  or Phone: 719/659-3727

Sponsored by the Tri-Lakes Monument Radio Association.w0tlmlogo

Test session: Mar 10 9:00 am, session supporting W0TLM General License Class offering.

  • Pre-registration is required for this session if you are not registered for the class offering.
  • Seating is limited; license class students have priority.
  • Black Forest Fire & Rescue Classroom, 11445 Teachout Road (Black Forest), Colorado Springs, CO 80908

What You’ll Need:

New Applicants:
Before the exam session please register for a Federal Registration Number (FRN) on the FCC Wireless web site:

All Applicants:
Bring your FRN to the session – it avoids handling SSNs. (This is required, but we can help you look up your current FRN or register, if needed).
Bring a copy of any current FCC license you hold.
Bring a pencil for filling in your exam answer sheet.
Bring a conventional calculator, memories cleared. No cell phone use allowed.
Bring a current valid photo ID such as a driver’s license, student ID, or military ID. (This is required)






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