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    WØTLM Colleagues,

    I’m looking forward to the new year of meetings and events with our amateur radio club. I’m honored to serve again as your president and to help guide the organization to fulfill the wishes of the membership. I would like to refresh the perspective that we are a member interest-driven club! That is, we do what our membership WANTS to do, when there is critical mass support for it and spearheading leadership for the idea.

    What do you want to do this year for events, activities, and changes? I have had a few ideas roll in from the usual suspects, and I think some of them are excellent! But we will need to vet those with all of you and establish solid leadership for items of majority interest. I won’t reveal any of those inputs, but I’d like for all of you to brainstorm and reveal your ideas here on the forum. It doesn’t matter how well jelled your idea is, maybe it’s just a gut feeling at this point, but let’s hear it!

    So, let’s hear from you! What kinds of out-of-the-box ideas do you have? I’ll look forward to the input. Let’s have a terrific, productive, rewarding, and FUN 2016 in WØTLM! Thanks, 73.


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