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    I’m not finding details about this event on the website (perhaps user error), so posting this question for everyone to benefit from the answer.

    When is the Fox Hunt? Is it Sept 9th? Where do we meet? And where do we end up at the end for the social?




    Hi Tom,

    I’ve been emailing the WØTLM Googlegroup list about the foxhunt, but I’m figuring you’re not on the list currently. I will send you some info by email also — the last address I have for you is a gmail account. Is that still valid?

    The key info is that we will convene in Kings Deer community at Jurg KØPOP’s house on Malmsbury Ct at 1:30 pm and start from there by 2:00 pm. We currently have three teams of four members, but I hope to get at least a couple more participants along with you to form a fourth. If you have anyone you’d like to invite, licensed or not, please do so and keep me in the loop on your membership. Otherwise, we will add you to one of the existing teams.

    More info below, and I’ll email you the following and we can pick up our dialog from there. Thanks for the post!

    Stu WØSTU

    Here’s the latest note I dispatched:

    We have three solid teams formed to date to engage in foxhunting and geocaching next Saturday. But there is plenty of room for more to join in, form a team, and test their skills — or just have fun competing. Come join us!

    If you would like to form a team, or simply join with others in making one, please email me at and I will connect you. You don’t have to own a complete foxhunting set of gear. Rather, your team can put together the components from what you each can contribute, and we do have some simple spare gear to loan out, if needed, such as tapemeasure Yagi directional antennas.

    We will start the game next Saturday (Sept 9) afternoon at 1:30 pm from Jurg’s Party House. The game ground is the northwest corner of El Paso County, and a map of the area with lat-long grid will be provided. We will wrap-up about 4:30 back at Jurg’s house for our annual social event, about 4 – 8 pm. Here are some more info points for you:

    – EVERYBODY is invited to the social event at 4 pm at Jurg’s house. Directions and map will be forthcoming.
    – Social event is bring a grillable item if you want to eat, and also a side dish to share – anything from a cassarole to a bag of chips is fair game.
    – Social event is BYOB, if you imbibe.
    – The foxhunt game will include three “hidden” transmitters that will be quite highly visible, so a “get in the ballpark” finding task.
    – The game will also include three hidden geocache locations, identified by lat-long coordinates in degrees + decimal minutes format (a little more challenging).
    – Each item, fox transmitter or cache, will be worth points based on the level of difficulty.
    – Each find location will provide information and hints to at least two additional find locations.
    – The idea is to find as many of the items as possible, maximize points, and return to the social event to brag about it!

    More details are available if you want them – just send me a question at this address.

    I hope you’ll all come out for the social event even if you choose not to foxhunt! It’s always good fun. But I also hope that some of you who are on the fence will chime in with a desire to join a team and get in the action next Saturday! Let me hear from you!

    Take care, 73,


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